FoxFarm Happy Frog Premium Lawn Fertilizers

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You love your lawn. It’s where your children play and your pets roam. So keep it green and lush without the use of harsh chemicals. FoxFarm’s Premium Lawn formula is blended with premium ingredients like bat guano, kelp meal, bone meal, feather meal and important micronutrients to provide gentle, slow-release feedings in a fertilizer you can apply all season long.

The best return on your investment will come from good soil preparation. Soil balance is the key to optimum plant nutrition and overall vitality. A luxurious, thick, green lawn cannot exist without healthy soil. Happy Frog Premium Lawn Fertilizer contains a blend of all natural nutrients designed to be applied year round. When used as directed, it will gently feed your lawn and enrich your soil with beneficial microbe populations. Happy Frog Premium Lawn Fertilizer will balance turf grass density, giving you a thicker, more luxurious lawn.