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Four Seasons House Mix Bulk - 1 YD LOOSE

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The House Mix is an excellent choice for greenhouse and indoor gardeners with a set of shortened vegetative stages and was designed to optimize light deprivation greenhouse growing. Additional fertilizers can be supplemented into this blend to achieve the desired results throughout the plant’s life cycle.
House Mix has excellent drainage and was specifically designed for optimal performance in a light deprivation setting. A lighter charge of nitrogen and heavier charge of phosphorus supports a shortened vegatative stage. The transition phase of flowering is supported by the frontloading of the phosphorus needed. This blend contains more seabird guano and bone meal than other blends from Four Seasons to help save on costs and labor in the bloom phase associated with amending more phosphorus.

INGREDIENTS: Canadian Peat Moss, Triple-Washed Coco Coir, OMRI-Certified Organic Dairy Manure, Aged Forest Products, Worm Castings, Perlite, Lava Pumice, Bone Meal, Cal Soft Rock Phosphate, Glacial Rock Dust, Fishbone Meal, Seabird Guano, Humic Acid, Kelp Meal, Oyster Shell Lime, Mycorrhizae