Foldable Aluminum Cold Frame 100x50x40 cm

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Zenport SH7005-ZD Foldable Aluminum Cold Frame Greenhouse is suitable for seed planting and protecting fragile sprouts from the elements.

Provide excellent weather protection for all your plants.
Long lasting,maintenance free aluminum frame.
Side panels slope from 16-inches high at the back to 12-inches high in the front.
Polycarbonate panels are virtually unbreakable.
Quick and simple to build with pre-assembled panels.
Suitable for both balcony and garden.
Opening roof top can slide out or lift up to prevent overheating.
The clear polycarbonate cover allows full sun exposure while keeping out the cold.
This is an affordable greenhouse with a perfect size for the backyard gardener.
3.3-Feet (100cm) by 1.6-Feet (50cm) by 1.3Feet (40cm)