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Locks out spider mites and powdery mildew while locking in water!

Clone Guard locks in water molecules and prevents the clone from wilting. Water retention in the clone’s leaves and stem is critical to the forming of roots.

Clone Guard allows the grower to not use humidity domes on rooting trays. Humidity domes are responsible for most Powdery Mildew cases on clones. Clone Guard allows the leaf to breathe but not to lose excessive amounts of water. This allows the clone to retain high levels of moisture in the leaf and prevent it from wilting.

While Clone Guard is locking in water, it’s also locking out Broad mites, Spider mites, Whitefly, aphids, Thrips, Powdery Mildew, Black spot and many more invading pests. Clone Guard provides a physical barrier against pest access. Clone Guard works in the same way your home window screens separate you from invading insects and pests while allowing air to go in and out. Once applied to the clone’s leaves and stem, Clone Guard dries to form a thin biodegradable proactive film. This high tech film helps to keep clones safe by locking out invading insects, mildew and mold while locking in precious water molecules inside leaf and stem cells. Water retention in the clone’s leaves and stem is critical to the forming of roots.

It is estimated that the transfer of clones into a growing area account for 50% of Insect/Powdery Mildew infestations every year. Have you ever gotten bugs or PM after you brought in new clones to your growing area?

Clone Guard locks out insects, viruses and Powdery Mildew. It should always be used on clones before you sell or give them away. This insures the recipient that there will not be a transfer of contaminants above the soil level. Telling your friend or customer that you treated the clones with Clone Guard will give them confidence in the quality of clones coming into their growing area.

When receiving a clone or small plant, spray Clone Guard on the leaves and stems of all clones and small plants before you place them in your garden. It’s fast, easy and very affordable. Found at fine garden stores that care about your success.

If you have an insect or Powdery Mildew problem going on currently, you can effectively place a protective barrier on the clones to get you off to a new start. This will go a long way to keep the clones safe while you get an infestation under control.

Consistent cloning provides a great start for consistent gardens.

For growers looking for more consistency in the cloning process, Clone Guard is a must have product. Growers must ensure that the cloning process will be a complete success. A strong and healthy clone ensures the grower that the genetic potential of the plant can be achieved.