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Density is the Metric

Horticulture Lighting Solutions for Vertical Farming

With this much power in a sleek form-factor, the new RAZR Series offers modular and scalable lighting for the world’s largest and densest vertical farms.

Illuminate More Canopy For Your Dollar

Illuminate 40, 56 Or 80 Square Feet (3.7, 5.2 Or 7.4 Square Meters Respectively) Of Crop Canopy With Three New RAZR Models. Combining World-Class Efficacy, Light Uniformity And PPFD Along With Our PhysioSpec™ Full Spectrum, The RAZR Series Offers Vertical Farmers A Cost-Effective Way To Increase Yield, Quality And Profit-Margins. 


Versatility Meets Practicality

Designed for the world’s largest vertical farms, the RAZR family tackles a wide range of vertical farming applications with average PPFD ranging from 125-375 µmol/m2/s, making the new RAZR family ideally suited for full-cycle cultivation of leafy greens, microgreens, and culinary herbs as well as propagation of vegetable and ornamental crops.

From towering racks to multi-tiered rolling tables, a new remote-mounted driver with daisy-chain configuration between fixtures provides a fast, low-cost and low-to-no profile installation


Lower your operating costs and improve your cultivation environment with cool & efficient horticultural lighting that stacks layers upon layers with practically zero radiant heat and efficacy surpassing 2.3 µmol/J.


At only 1.5 inches thin, the RAZR form factor is designed for dense vertical farming where every inch of space impacts the bottom line.


Ideal for full-cycle indoor cultivation, PhysioSpec™ improves crop quality, shortens harvest times, and provides an ideal work environment for pest management and plant inspection.


With the ability to stack vertically in carts and shelving or daisy-chain horizontally across a rack or rolling table, the RAZR platform conforms to your existing setup for quick and easy install with reduced costs thanks to a one-to-many power supply.


Designed and built in Austin, TX, USA for close-proximity, commercial farming, the RAZR platform is constructed with an anodized, extruded aluminum alloy chassis and integrated passive heatsink for natural convection thermal management (zero moving parts), and is ETL wet location rated to withstand the harshest of growing environments


With cantilevered mounting, and a modular width, RAZRx is designed for efficient plant-process-flow utilizing Danish trolleys and similar 53” long mobile racks. Delivering an average of 295 µmol/m2/s over a 2’4’ area, RAZRx is ideal for full-cycle produce, ornamental and floral cultivation.

From seedling and cutting propagation to full-cycle microgreen and leafy green cultivation, RAZRx can do it all while using less. Less energy. Less space. Less time-to-harvest. 

RAZRx is ETL approved for use in wet locations, and built with powder-coated, hot-dipped galvanized steel for maximum resistance against any element.

All RAZR models are dimmable with our light intensity Dimmer for precise control over PPFD, and offer the flexibility to instantly accommodate a new crop with varying light requirements.

At 2.2 µmol/J, RAZRx is 162 percent more energy efficient than today’s standard propagation lighting system, while providing 350 percent more photosynthetic photon flux (PPF)*. As impressive as they are, the tech specs are just the start.

RAZRx is a mere 1.2 inches thick and designed for close-proximity deployment just five inches from top of canopy.  With a passive thermal management system directing heat away from your crop, RAZRx is purposefully designed for dense vertical farming applications.

The modular chassis scales from 17.9 inches to 22.8 inches wide to match optimal photon uniformity with your shelving system.

52.3L x 17-23W x 1.2H in

14 lbs.