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Flower Tower Dry Rack Buckle-Style - 2' - 8 Racks - Case of 10

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Flower Tower Dry Racks provides an easy, cost-effective way to dry harvested plants. Flower Tower Dry Racks include a center strap to prevent nuisance bowing. This innovative design mitigates the amount of costly, unevenly dried product that bowing creates. Flower Tower Dry Racks are constructed with a soft coated mesh material to prevent grating or damaging flower material.
The Flower Tower Dry Racks with clips includes six to eight support straps depending on the size of the top rack and clips on every level, making it easy to add or remove rack layers as needed.

Choose from buckle-style or zipper-style, depending on whether you have a dedicated room for drying. The buckle-style Flower Tower Dry Racks will fully expose the plant matter you’re drying to allow for maximum airflow, whereas the zipper-style Flower Tower Dry Racks will protect the plants you’re drying by keeping them fully enclosed in a soft screen-like material, keeping bugs, dust, and pollen at bay.