Ducting Collar 4" - Galvanized Steel

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A steel ducting flange designed for use with applications like tumble dryers, bathroom fans, and range hoods.
Crimped rims and raised lip on the duct opening for enhanced grip on ducting.
Flat brim that lays flush against all flat surfaces and creates an airtight seal to keep particles out.
Galvanized steel body that is corrosion-resistant and can withstand high temperatures.
Ducting Opening Diameter: 4 inches | Collar Diameter: 7 inches | Finish: Zinc Coating

A ventilation retrofitting accessory designed to connect ducting to flat surfaces and redirect exhaust to the outside. Each duct collar is made of galvanized steel that can weather extreme temperatures and is finished with a corrosion-resistant zinc coating. Its pipe ending features fluted and ridged rims with a raised lip that provides a strong grip on flexible or rigid ducting. The collar end is flat and will lay flush against any flat surface including ceilings, walls, and floors. This ensures an airtight seal that will keep particles out and exhaust flowing one way.

The ducting collar is an industrial tool that has many functions in home ventilation. Common pairings with this flange include ducting with range hoods, tumble dryers, and bathroom fans. It can also be used as a dust collection port in wood workshops and as an active intake port along with an inline duct fan in grow tents.