Compact Fluorescent Fixture with Lamp, 125W, Daylight

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Enjoy gardening indoors year-round with this complete compact fluorescent system with 125 watt daylight spectrum bulb. Grow flowers, herbs and much more! Daylight brightness grows healthy plants. Lightweight fixture weighs less than 10 lbs and is easy to install.


• Low profile - 19.4"L x 12.2"W x 6.8"H

• Lightweight (less than 10 lbs)    

• Optional lens keeps bulb cleaner* (*lens cannot be used with FLC200D)

• Very easy to hang

• One year guarantee

• Convenient fixture on/off switch

• 8' grounded power cord

Click here to see the UL listing

Compact Fluorescent Lamp:

• Available in 125W or 200W versions, in your choice of 6400K full daylight spectrum or 2700K "warm" spectrum

• Rated 10,000 hours of life