Chemboys - Nutrient Line Beta Half Gallon (64 fl oz)

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"Chemboys Nutrient Line Beta (0-4-3) Formula is part B of a 2 part A/B nutritional program that helps to start your grow off right by keeping your plants strong and healthy through the grow season! Chemboys Nutrient Line Beta (used in conjunction with Chemboys Nutrient Line Alpha Formula) provides a combination of essential nutrients that helps to ensure plants thrive at every stage of the growing process. Nutrient Line Beta is also designed to allow plants to easily absorb everything needed within a wide pH range. Our formula is suitable for all growing styles (Soil, Coco and Hydro) and compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods. Best part about it, our Base formulas are easy to use!

Always use in conjunction with Chemboys Nutrient Line Beta (0-4-3) Formula
Improves absorption of nutrients
Promotes photosynthesis
Enhances cell division and cell structure
Optimizes the transport of water and nutrients
Provides vitality and improves yield
Restricts the use of pesticides
Provides essential trace elements
Stimulates the immune system
Suitable for all growing styles
Compatible with all growing mediums and watering methods
Use throughout the entire growing process
Use in conjunction with your supplemental nutrient regiment
Shake well before use. Always use equal amount of parts A and B. Add part A to water first, then add part B. Mix thoroughly.

Vegetative Stage:

Week 1-2 – 4-6ml per gallon

Week 3-4 – 8-10ml per gallon

Flowering Stage:

Week 1 – 10-12ml per gallon

Week 2-6 – 12-14ml per gallon

Week 7-8 – 10-12ml per gallon

• scientific grade plant nutrients
• no dyes or unnecessary additives
• A complete 2-part nutrient"