Ceramic Metal Halide Lamp 315-4K (4200)

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Ceramic Metal Halide 315W 3K & 4K
MaxPar CMH Lamps are broad spectrum "white" light lamps. MH lamps are predominantly blue spectrum focused and HPS lamps are predominantly red/yellow focused. CMH lamp technology is broad-spectrum based. A CMH lamp has 2.5 times the blue light of an HPS lamp. The 13.4% blue light from CMH lamps is slightly higher than a 50/50 mix of HPS and MH lamps. A CMH lamp has far more uniform spectral output than any other lamp used in horticultural lighting. Maxpar offers color temperatures in both 3K (3100K) and 4K (4200K) models. CMH lamps are suitable for cloning, flowering and vegetative growth. Maxpar lamps should be considered a valuable component to any lighting setup.