CenturionPro Original - Reel Blade

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The Original reel blade is found in our CenturionPro Original machine as well as the Silver Bullet and the Gladiator (which features two of these cutting reels). The reels on these machines are 5” in diameter and 21″ in length. Each of these machines feature 11 Toro-hardened steel blades on the cutting reel. As a result, this reel is what allows our CenturionPro trimmers to produce 37,500 to 75,000 cuts per minute!

The layout of the cutting reel maximizes blade surface area. This allows the 11 blades to work together to optimize cutting time and quality. This optimization reduces the time the bud spends in the machine. Therefore, it preserves trichomes and guarantees the bud is properly trimmed when it exits the tumbler.