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Centurion Pro Gladiator Electropolished Dry Tumbler

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As the tumbler should only be 50-60% full when processing to allow flowers to be properly turned and cut; a few extra inches can make a big difference in the amount of flowers in the tumbler at one time. A larger tumbler diameter ensures our trimmers trim more than any other machine on the market.

CenturionPro tumblers also have a Quantanium non-stick coating. Unlike competitors machines, which often employ the use of non-stick sprays that can damage and contaminate the flower, the Quantanium coating does not require any spray. Overall, this results in 40% greater trichome preservation than the competition. This means better quality flowers with a stronger aroma and taste. CenturionPro also offers stainless-steel tumblers in order to meet the needs of licensed producers looking for medical-grade machines.

When fresh wet flowers are fully dried, they shrink to about 25%-30% in size of what they once were. They become brittle, fragile and more susceptible to damage.

For this reason, a Dry tumbler is needed when harvesting dry flowers because the cutting surface area is greatly reduced on the dry tumbler. The 1/4” wide steel slats means more metal material is present and there is less open area, thereby protecting the smaller fragile flowers from being overexposed to the blades of the machine. This will result in less trichome loss and a higher yield as more of your flowers will stay intact during the harvesting process.

You will not get this level of protection when using a “dual-purpose standard tumbler” to trim both wet and dry flowers.

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