Centurion Kief Collection System - 3.0

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Keif is becoming wildly popular due to the rise of extractions.

Machines that require sprays contaminate and destroy your Keif making it virtually useless.

Centurion's non-stick Quantanium coating means no spray is needed so your Keif is 100% pure and usable. Centurion has developed a new double bag filtration system which will separate your Keif from your trim allowing you to safely collect you precious trichomes for further processing and profits.

1.The green leafy trim will collect in the new inner black bag.
2.Only the keif makes it through the black bag and collects in the outer mesh bag.
3.The bags are combined to collect and separate both the leafy trim and keif.
4.Turn off the machine and remove the inner bag and then extract keif. Enjoy!