Cannabis Odor Reducing Advanced Carbon Air Vent Filters 4x12 (Register Vent Filters) 1 Pack of 12

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Qty Per Unit: Package of 12 Register Air Vent Carbon Filters

Register Vent Filtration

The Cannabis Odor Reducing Advanced Carbon Air Vent Filters will remove levels of concentration of gases (VOC’s) as well as larger particulates in the air. The activated carbon filter media is very porous and works by adsorption of the odor causing compounds as air passes through the media. Meaning they get trapped in the pores and once all the pores are full, then the carbon stops capturing the gases and odors. It also helps trap dirt, dust, smoke & pollen sized particles through furnace/AC registers.  Keeps dirt & objects from falling into ducts.  

Can be trimmed to fit standard size vents - 4" X 12" and under.

Why use AIR Vent Filters?

· Use in bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen, family room and RV/Motor Homes to help eliminate odors.

· When air flows through the filter, dirt, dust, smoke, and pollen sized particles are trapped. Filtered air then passes back into your house.

· Keeps dirt and objects from falling into ducts.

· Air Vent Filters are designed to provide filtered air in your home.

Easy Installation

1. Remove register vent.
2. If needed, cut vent filter with household scissors using your register vent as a guide. Most vents will be 2 1/4" X 12" - 4" X 10" - 4" X 6" - 4" X 12".
3. Install in bottom of air register or in register opening.

To prevent air flow restriction and for maximum filtration inspect filter regularly and replace when dirty, approximately every 60- 90 days.

Note: Do not use in every vent in your home. This could cause air flow restriction and damage your furnace/AC unit. This product is not intended to replace your AC/Furnace filters. Air vent filters must be used in addition to your required Air Conditioner /Furnace filter for your HVAC unit.

Air vent carbon filters will only increase your indoor air quality when used with your Nordic Pure HVAC filters.