BioBizz Alg-A-Mic 10 ltr

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What is Alg·A·Mic™?
Alg·A·Mic™destresses the plant after overfeeding, deficiencies, plant diseases or after temperature differences. A stress-free plant results in larger fruits. Besides, Alg·A·Mic™ensures green leaves, by stimulating the absorption of chlorophyll.

How to use Alg·A·Mic™
Alg·A·Mic™contains a low level of NPK, therefore it is impossible to create an Alg·A·Mic™overdose. Alg·A·Mic™can be used on every substrate, during the flowering- and growing period. Biobizz advises a dose of 1-4ml per liter water. Follow our grow schedule for the best results.

Seawead extracts in Alg·A·Mic™
Alg·A·Mic™is a revitalizing product made from a high grade, organic seaweed concentrate extracted through cold pressing rather than chemical solvents. It contains a high level of natural nutrition that caters to the whole spectrum of plants needs, resulting in exuberant green foliage.