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BIG FOOT GRANULAR (2 lb) case of 18

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Big Foot Granular is the next generation of mycorrhizae that will supercharge your grow. This completely natural, 100% organic product relies on a plant’s symbiotic relationship with beneficial fungi to enhance and expedite growth and fruiting processes. Unlike our competitors, we use carriers that aid in stimulating the mycorrhizal growth, which means less waste and better results, faster. At Big Foot, we’re making inactive ingredients a thing of the past.

Big Foot Granular is a root inoculant that must be applied near the roots of the plant. Do not apply granular on top of the soil.

Spread Granular evenly around the bottom and sides of the planting hole. Ensure thorough coverage of product to maximize root contact.

Planting: Sprinkle ¼ tbsp of granular around the planting hole. Place plant into the planting hold and backfill with soil.

Mix with soil: Mix 3 tbsp of granular per cubic foot. Mix 3-4 lbs of granular per cubic yard of soil.