Bake Bags Chicken Size - 10 bag box

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Chicken Bake Bags (10 pack)

Chicken Bake Bags are the versatile and durable oven bags you've been waiting for! Larger and thicker than other bags currently on the market, our Bake Bags are an impressive 12" x 20'' and can hold up to 32 pounds of food.

Made of FDA and EU approved food-grade, heat resistant nylon, they are recyclable and eco-friendly. Bake Bags can withstand up to 450°F of heat, making them great for conventional ovens, microwaves, and slow cookers. They can even be boiled! These bags are incredibly versatile in that they can be frozen to store leftovers too.

Cooking meat or poultry in our Bake Bags helps retain moisture and flavor, making your food juicier and tastier without the hassle of basting. Clean-up is a breeze with these oven bags, which have odor-blocking technology and don't leave behind any messy, greasy pots or pans to scrub.Included in each box are 10 ties to easily secure your bags.

Case Quantity = 25 pcs

12", x 20""