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Weed Slayer - Conc - Part A & B - 1 Gal each

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This product is no longer WSDA certified.

Weed Slayer consists of two separate products (Parts A & B) that you mix together to make one exceedingly effective weed killer. Part A is the Weed Slayer, a broad spectrum herbicide crafted from Eugenol (an essential oil from cloves) and molasses. Part B is Agro Gold, a biological adjuvant containing Streptomyces and Bacillus microbes. The Eugenol and molasses in Part A will make its way down to and kill the roots and/or root ball of the undesired plant. The soil enhancing bacteria in Part B clears the way for and drives the Eugenol down into the roots. This action allows Weed Slayer to kill the whole plant quickly, including the root system, making it more effective than "burndown herbicides" for ongoing weed control.

Key Features:
Works on most common weeds like Nutsedge, Purslane and Crabgrass.
Leaves no toxicity in the soil.
Safe to replant soon after die-off.

Weed Slayer is unlike other types of weed killers in that you will not see an immediate brown-up or dying off. Instead, the work it is systemically doing is under the ground on the roots. You may see results in under a week, but generally it takes 7-14 days.

Suggested Uses:
Use to control and kill unwanted weeds and grasses.