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Tribus Original - gallon - IBS-TOG- 1gal

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Tribus Original is a highly concentrated liquid biostimulant containing three naturally occurring rhizobacteria (Bacillus subtilis, Bacillus pumilus and Bacillus amyloliquefaciens) that quickly colonize the root zone of plants. These bacteria produce extracellular enzymes and other biochemicals to work symbiotically with plants. This beneficial relationship improves nutrient uptake, accelerates rooting and enhances root and stem growth; all of which allow the plant to grow bigger, stronger and faster.

Benefits of Tribus Original:

Über-concentrated for a lower cost per application.
Better macro and micronutrient chelation, fixation and mobilization.
Enzyme production from the bacteria helps plants utilize fats and oils and better break-down carbohydrates.
Use in veg and bloom stages to improve manganese and iron uptake.
Significantly cuts down on rooting time for plant cuttings.
Greatly improves resistance to abiotic stress factors.
Helpful during flush to break down salts.
Tribus Original is highly recommended for use on seedlings to reduce time from cutting to rooting in clones and to stimulate new root development. It is compatible with any growing method/system, including fertilizer injection systems. It will not cause biofilm formation in hydroponic applications and is scalable to any system by adding 1-3mL/gallon of water into reservoir or fertilizer solution.
Suggested Uses: Use this biostimulant to maximize a crop's performance in all types of environments and growing conditions. It can be used with hydroponic, soilless and soil-based media.