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Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier - 15 oz tub - 200-04614

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Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier is a super-sticky organic product that forms a non-toxic barrier that stops and kills crawling insects that are out to prey on your trees. This non-drying, oil-based compound works all season long to control insects like cankerworms, gypsy moths, vine weevils and more.

Tree Tanglefoot should be applied on top of Tanglefoot TangleGuard Banding Material (or another similar product), for the following reasons:

The oils in Tree Tanglefoot will soak into and possibly stain bark. Application on top of a banding product will eliminate that concern.
Tree Tanglefoot will retain its stickiness longer when applied to an oil-resistant material.
When your insect barrier is covered with insects, you will need to remove and replace it. The use of banding material allows for quick and easy removal.
This product will retain its stickiness and efficacy until it is covered with insects, dust or other debris. This type of buildup can form a bridge that insects will be able to cross to get to your tree. Monitor as often as possible to determine if removal or reapplication is necessary. If the surface has stiffened or is dusty, often the Tree Tanglefoot can be rubbed around to expose a new sticky layer beneath.

Remove bands at end of season.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Use Tree Tanglefoot Insect Barrier to control Ants, Vine Weevils, Canker Worms, Winter Moths and other crawling insects.