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TerraGrow - 25 lbs - 7100-25

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TerraGrow is a soil inoculant comprised of a powdered blend of beneficial bacterial and fungal spores. This specialty formula reestablishes beneficial organisms in and around the root zone to stimulate root development. This increased surface area in the root zone benefits the plants health in many ways including the following:

Reduces transplant shock.
Allows the plant increased access to seek out and absorb more macro/micro nutrients.
Bolsters the plants resistance to stress.
TerraGrow contains no genetically altered microbial strains. Each strain is cultured and tested under strict conditions to ensure stability and consistency. This completely water soluble formulation makes irrigation application a breeze and it can be used successfully throughout the growing season.
Suggested Uses: Use to introduce beneficial bacteria and fungi as well as stimulate rapid proliferation in the rhizosphere at the time of planting or after disease control treatments. See the DOCS tab for BioSafe's tree replanting and soil remediation programs using TerraGrow & TerraClean 5.0.

Suggested Uses: For use with a wide array of crops including bedding plants, fruits, row crops, vegetables, turf, hydroponic and ornamental crops.