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Tank's Pro-Lite Seeding & Potting Mix - 16 qt bag

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Tank's Pro-Lite gives your seeds, seedlings and transplants all the high quality inputs that they need to not just survive, but to thrive. The addition of coconut coir and perlite elevates an already exceptional organic compost into a mix with first-rate qualities.

- Provides long-lasting soil aeration (the coconut husks alone can last for up to 4 years).
- Prevents and relieves compacted soil.
- Adds the perfect balance of air and moisture for seed germination.
- Provides nutrients and microbes to young plants to give them a strong start and to mature plants to keep them going strong.

If you prefer a soil mix without perlite, we recommend the Tank's Pro Potting Mix. You can find a full list of our organic, heirloom and biodynamic seeds here.

Suggested Uses: Use when seed starting, transplanting or potting.