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Tank's-Pro "Cocosoil" Potting Mix - 1.5 cu ft bag

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Tank's-Pro Potting Mix contains OMRI Listed ingredients (Tank's Organic Compost, ProCoco CocoPeat) that provide the perfect combination of organic compost and organic coconut coir to give your plants the best foundation to grow in. Tank's-Pro Potting Mix provides a ready-to-use growing medium suitable for most crops. Simply add the required amount of Potting Mix, plant seeds or transplants, and amend the soil for your growing needs.

The compost adds crucial nutrients and beneficial soil microbes, while the coconut coir gives the soil increased water-retention ability and aeration to the root zone. The water retention and aeration properties significantly aid seed germination and healthy root growth. Inoculate the growing media with EM-1 and Root Build 240 to reduce transplant shock and fertilizer usage. Tank's-Pro Potting Mix will simplify preparation of the cultivation area – there is no need to mix anything else in – and ease of mind – it is made with sustainable and renewable materials.