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Tank's 100% Organic Compost - 1 cu ft bag

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When your commitment to sustainability runs deep, this is the compost you want. Tank's 100% Organic Compost is made from locally sourced plant materials (that would otherwise be sent to the landfill), organic manure, organic elemental sulfur and beneficial microbes. These ingredients are mixed and monitored for several weeks by providing routine aeration and maintaining adequate moisture (Note: we are required to turn the piles no less frequently than every 3 days, to keep the whole windrow (i.e. pile) at the right temperature/moisture. Bactifeed is applied multiple times.). During this time, the beneficial fungi and microbes in the mix create an extreme heat (over 130°F), wiping out any weed seeds and killing harmful pathogens. The end result is a compost that is rich in nutrients and beneficial microbes allowing Tank's 100% Organic Compost to rejuvenate depleted or sanitized soils and improve their capacity to exchange nutrients between the plant and the soil.

On top of benefiting your garden, Tank's 100% Organic Compost provides benefits to the ecological big picture by:

-Helping to prevent pollution by reducing methane levels and leachate formation in landfills.
-Saving water by increasing water retention in soil.
-Preventing erosion and weathering on roadsides, embankments, hillsides, playing fields and more.
-Extending municipal landfill life by diverting and recycling green waste instead of throwing it away.
-Reducing the amount of pollutants that reach groundwater due to storm water runoff.