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Surety Soil - 2.5 gals - NC008-2.5G

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Surety Soil is a dynamic blend of microalgae enhanced with nutrients that has been specially formulated to use when irrigating crops. The microalgae in this product is produced in a facility in Spain that captures the CO2 emissions from a natural gas power plant and uses that energy to drive the microalgae cultivation. This sustainable production method reduces emission outputs into the environment, but also produces microalgae that is packed with nutrition. Surety Soil takes that microalgae and tops it off with an NPK of 3.0-1.5-1.5 to create an environmentally conscious, highly effective fertilizer.

As it runs off the plants, it will improve the physical, chemical, and biological properties of soil
Enhances root and crop vigor
Encourages strong defenses against stressors
Improves uniform crop growth and overall crop quality that will produce higher yields
Compatible with conventional crop nutrition programs