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Steinernema riobrave, 5 million

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Best Choice For Subterranean Pest Control in Lawn & Turf Environments!

NemAttack Beneficial Nematodes, Steinernema riobrave, are naturally occurring, soil dwelling ambush predators that control a wide range of turf and citrus pests including armyworms, black cutworms, citrus weevils and Japanese Beetle grubs. They are also significantly more effective for treatment of subterranean termites than some of their counterparts. Similar to other nematode species, S. riobrave release a bacteria once they have infected the pest. This bacteria slows feeding and kills the pest within 24-48 hours of infection. The beneficial nematodes will continue to reproduce inside their host after death and emerge ready to infect other hosts. S. riobrave is safe for use around consumable crops, pets, livestock and in indoor growing.

Shelf Life: Use as soon as possible. If you cannot apply the day of receipt, refreeze the ice pack included and store in the shipment container. Do not refrigerate.

How Much Do I Need? Order enough to treat the full infested area. Quantities and treatment areas are approximate.

Quantity Treatment Area Shipping Method
5 Million 1,600 sq. ft. 2nd Day
10 Million 3,200 sq. ft. 2nd Day
50 Million 1 Acre 2nd Day
250 Million 5 Acres Next Day
500 Million 10 Acres Next Day
1.5 Billion 30 Acres Next Day

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Armyworm, Black Cutworms, Black Vine Weevil, Blue Green Weevil, Chafers, Citrus Root Weevil, Citrus Weevil, Corn Earworm, Diaprepes Root Weevil, Greater Wax Moth, Green June Beetle, Hive Beetle, Indian Meal Moth, Japanese Beetle Grub, Masked Chafer, May/June Beetle, Mole Crickets, Pink Bollworm, Plum Curculio, Red Flour Beetle, Strawberry Weevil, Subterranean Termites