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SaferGro Natural Wet - Conc - Pint - 722007

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SaferGro Natural Wet contains complex sugar structures (known as saponins) from the tough desert plant Yucca Schidigera. The yucca plant uses these saponins to survive and thrive in their harsh native habitat and this product brings these same properties to your plants.

Key Benefits:
As a wetting agent, it will reduce surface tension on plants and provide a more uniform and diffused spray pattern for thorough coverage of foliar sprays.
Works as a sticker to keep micronutrient and pesticides on the plant surface.
Helps plants regulate water use and better tolerate heat & drought stressors.
Loosens up compacted soil for improved water penetration and absorption.
Encourages proper drainage and reduces soil salinity.
Allows nutrients to move into the soil and adhere to growing media and hydrophobic soils.
Improves yields by making it easier for a plant to access nutrients and water.
Offers immediately noticeable improvements.
100% biodegradable and non-phytotoxic.

SaferGro Natural Wet is compatible with most products; but testing on a few plants or a small area is always recommended before applying large-scale.
Also available in commercial sizes as JH Biotech Natural Wet

Suggested Uses: Use to aid in the application of foliar fertilizers, nutrients and other similar products as well as to help with water penetration in hydrophobic soils.