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R.S.S.I. WP - 30 lbs - 2HR41A07

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R.S.S.I. Microbial Soil Inoculant has been specifically formulated to enhance nutrient uptake in ornamentals, vegetables, herbs and forest tree seedlings grown in greenhouses, nurseries and outdoors. It contains the naturally occurring microbes Trichoderma harzianum strain T-22 and Trichoderma virens strain G-41. The addition of these microbes to any growing medium boosts beneficial microbial life in the root zone and encourages root growth. This increased activity around developing roots will promote availability, cycling and uptake of nutrients, resulting in healthier and more vigorous plants.

R.S.S.I comes in two easy-to-use formulations: a wettable powder and a granular. Either formulation is top-notch; choose your variety by what fits best for your unique needs. The wettable powder is meant to be applied as a drench using any available method including pump sprayer, hydraulic sprayer, injector, boom system, backpack sprayer or watering can. The granular sprayer is designed to be added to a soil media and applied via a soil blender or a broadcast application. For more information on specifics, please refer to the manufacturer's labels under the "DOCS" tab for complete application instructions.

Additional Benefits:
- Reduce the need for fungicides.
- Decrease fertilizer use in the treated crop.
- Maintain natural microbial activity in your growing medium.
- Reduce effects of plant stress factors.

Suggested Uses: For use on ornamentals (bedding plants, perennials, foliage plants and woody ornamentals), vegetables (fruiting and root crops), herbs and forest tree seedlings grown in greenhouses, nurseries and outdoors.