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RootShield Granules - 40 lb bag - 2H03A08

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Mix OMRI Listed RootShield Granules in your soil or media before planting to ensure that the developing roots of your new plants are protected against plant pathogenic fungi like:
- Pythium
- Rhizoctonia
- Fusarium
- Sclerotinia
- Thielaviopsis
- Cylindrocladium

The active ingredient in RootShield Granules is a patented fungus, Trichoderma harzianum Rifai strain T22. It is a subspecies of T. harzianum, one of the most prevalent fungi globally, that is designed to incorporate many of the resilient traits of other subspecies found naturally. This fungus attaches to and grows on the new roots, forming a protective barrier against root-rotting pathogens. Once applied to a growing medium, T. harzianum spores germinate and actively seek out roots to pair with and soil-born plant pathogens to feed on. Pathogenic microbes are outcompeted by the T. harzianum and other soil-dwelling microbes resulting in healthier root development and suppression of disease. Less competition for nutrients in the soil allows plants to develop healthier root systems with increased biomass, which leads to improved yields.

The granular formulation of RootShield Granules makes it easy to broadcast when applying and simple to incorporate into growing media. Additionally, the lasting control that RootShield provides will reduce or eliminate chemical fungicide usage. The fungus actively grows with and protects roots if the soil pH is maintained between 4.0 and 8.0 with soil temperatures between 48° and 97° F. It will remain effective for approximately 10-12 weeks and can be re-applied at half the initial rate to extend root protection in the field or when transplanting to a larger container.

Suggested Uses: Use in any soil or soilless growing media (compost, bark, coir, or peat, rock wool, hydroton, etc.) before planting. Use to top-dress existing beds and extend root protection by a second application at transplant or after 10-12 weeks. Use with seeds, bulbs, cuttings, and woody propagation before planting for additional fungal control. RootShield Granules can be used in rotation with a variety of insecticides, rooting compounds, growth regulators, and some fungicides.