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Predalure - 2 pack

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PredaLure is an excellent addition to your IPM program - and so are the beneficial's that will find this lure irresistible!

Are you interested in reducing the pests in your garden or farm without spraying? One answer is to increase the beneficial insect population in your planting areas. PredaLure was developed to help gardeners and growers attract predatory beneficial insects such as green lacewing, ladybugs, syrphid flies, minute pirate bugs, and many more to the garden or farm. This lure uses a proprietary combination of pheromones and botanical's to attract and keep desirable beneficial predators in your garden.

It's natural attractant signals beneficial predators that there are plant-feeders nearby, encouraging their arrival. In field tests on cranberries, PredaLure was found to increase the presence of hoverflies, lady beetles and predatory mites. Its ability to attract predators like hoverflies also showed promising results for use in reducing moth eggs around crop areas.