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Phydura - Conc - 32 oz

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OMRI Listed Phydura uses clove oil and other biodegradable ingredients (Lactic Acid, Potassium Oleate, vinegar and water) to quickly knock down and kill unwanted weeds and grasses. These ingredients work by adhering to the weed and breaking down the cell structure through a burn down process. The plants will then stress and die. Whether they are annual or perennial weeds, they will begin to wilt in 30-60 minutes and be actively dying within 24 hours. For those pesky annuals, a single application should knock them out; perennial weeds may take multiple applications before the roots are killed off.

Phydura is a non-selective herbicide, which means that all plants that come in contact with the spray will be affected. You will need to take extra care not to allow spray to contact non-target plants. Although Phydura is non-selective as an herbicide, it will not translocate in the soil to the roots of desirable plants. You will be able to enter the treatment area right after spraying and begin new plantings within hours of applications.

More information on Weed Prevention and Control

Suggested Uses:

Preparing and maintaining weed-free planting beds and gardens.
Keeping areas clear between rows in orchards and vineyards.
Spot treating in greenhouses and around buildings and on sidewalks, patios and driveways.
Clearing fence lines of weeds.
Edging around walkways, trees, shrubs and ornamentals.
Killing off old and diseased lawns before re-planting.