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Peach Tree Borer Moth Trap Pack - 2 traps/2 lures

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Peach Tree Borers are a native North American pest that use trees as their maternity wards and incubators, often causing devastating harm to the tree. The females will lay their eggs (about 500-600) on the bases or trunks of trees and, when they hatch, the larvae begins boring into the bark or roots of their host tree to feed on the delicate inner tissues. Eventually the larvae will pupate and, in roughly 28 days, re-emerge as ready-to-mate adults. This process begins in April or May and continues through September. The 5-day lifespan of these adults is the only time that these insects will leave their host trees.

The tunneling of the borers can cause significant damage to the vascular tissue of trees. This is particularly hard on young and smaller trees; older and larger trees are better able to resist the borers. Trees can yellow and eventually die or have their ability to produce fruit greatly compromised. Early detection and vigorous monitoring are recommended to nip an infestation in the bud or to keep it from escalating. Traps alone are usually not sufficient to control an established borer population. Keep your trees as healthy as possible, remove leaf clutter from the base of the tree (to eliminate possible protection for eggs and larvae) and consider other forms of control for the various life stages of the insect. Please refer to our Peach Tree Borer page for more information.

This trap uses a pheromone attractant lure to draw in the moths. Once they touch the sticky surface of the trap, they cannot escape and will perish. Each lure lasts for 8 weeks and both traps and lures should be replaced at that time. The sticky surface of the trap may become covered with dirt, debris and insects before this 8 week period ends. If this occurs, the trap should be replaced.

Suggested Uses: Use to monitor and control Peach Tree Borers, and many other Clearwing Borers, on peach, cherry, plum, prune, nectarine, apricot and ornamental trees.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases: Peach Tree Borers (Synanthedon exitiosa), Western and Eastern Lilac Borers (Podoesia syringae), Rhododendron Borers (Synanthedon rhododendri), Sycamore Borers (Ramosia resplendens), Douglas Fir Borers (Contarinia oregonensis), Banded Ash Borers (Podosesia aureocincta), Oak Borers (Paranthrene simulans), Large Red-Belted Borers (Synanthedon culciformis) and Dogwood Borers (Synanthedon scitula).