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Olson Stiky Stuff Adhesive - 1 gallon - OSS GAL

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A specially prepared insect trapping adhesive, Stiky Stuff is ready to go right from the can. Use to make new sticky traps or to re-use a trap that has collected too many insects. The substance will stay sticky until covered with insects or other foreign objects such as dust. This adhesive will hold any insect that flies or crawls too close. Depending upon the color of the trap - the attractant - you can use Stiky Stuff to trap whitefy, aphids, carrot rust flies, fungus gnats, thrips, leafminer, flies, and apple maggott flies. When making new traps, almost any non-porous material such as old plastic plates, waxed cardboard, wood, plastic cups or milk cartons will do. Traps can be placed in gardens, greenhouses, yards, orchards and fields but attach to stakes, or suspend them to avoid accidental contact with children or pets.