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NH Liquid Crab & Lobster Shell - Quart - LCL136

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Neptune's Harvest Liquid Crab & Lobster Shell offers you the nutrient goodness of Neptune's Harvest Crab & Lobster Shell in a liquid formulation. It's made by using micronization to grind the shells into an extremely fine powder. This powder is then stabilized in a liquid carbon base and bottled up. The final result is a drip line and sprayer friendly plant food that retains much of the benefits of the original shell meal product. Plant food derived from seafood shells is high in chitin, which will promote the growth of beneficial organisms in the soil and help deter plant parasitic nematodes. This product also contains a healthy dose of Calcium (Ca), which is great for bulbs and flowers, helps plants develop robust cells, and reduces the effects of many common fungal diseases.

- Typically stays in suspension for 30+ minutes
- Easy-to-mix and use
- For use on flowers, vegetables, fruits, containers/raised beds, houseplants, clones, transplants & lawns