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Monterey Nematode Control - Quart - LG 6356

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OMRI listed Monterey Nematode Control is formulated to control plant parasitic nematodes that feast on your plants' roots. This certified organic concentrate is ready to be mixed with water and applied as a soil drench. It can be sprayed on, poured on, or applied with band or broadcast-type sprayers.

The active ingredient in Monterey Nematode Control is Saponins of Quillaja saponaria, which controls plant parasitic nematodes by limiting their development past the egg stage. As fewer nematodes reach adulthood and begin reproducing, there will be a gradual reduction in nematode densities in the soil, which will help to ward off recurring issues season on season. Because this product works on immature nematodes, it's best to use it preventatively or early in the growing season before the nematodes mature.

For more thorough information, please refer to the manufacturer's label under the DOCS tab.

More Information
Saponins Suppress Nematode Cholesterol Biosynthesis and Inhibit Root Knot Nematode Development in Tomato Seedlings - Ibrahim & Srour, 2013