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MontanaGrow Silicon Amendment - 25 lb poly bag

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MontanaGrow Silicon Soil Amendment began more than 30 million years ago, when ash from ancient volcanoes was compressed into amorphous volcanic tuff. This tuff is a unique source of silicon that becomes available to plants once it is added to soil. This smooth organic powder provides macro and micro nutrients and can improve soil texture, all of which will give you stronger, healthier plants with bountiful yields.

Key Plant Benefits:

Improved cell wall strength and photosynthesis.
Greater tolerance to high and low temperatures.
Improved moisture holding capacity.
Increased disease resistance.
Better tolerance to drought, flood, salt and high UV conditions.
Readily available and balanced nutrition - contains potassium, iron, calcium, magnesium & manganese.
Improved carbon sequestration and ability to regulate the uptake of heavy metals.
Moderate soil pH.
High cation exchange capacity (CEC).
Suggested Uses: Use as a soil amendment to provide nutrition, improve root systems, condition the soil and improve overall plant health.