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M-Pede - 2.5 gallons

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This foliar-spray insecticide/miticide/fungicide uses potassium salts of naturally derived fatty acids (also known as insecticidal soap) to provide contact control of soft-bodied insects, mites, and powdery mildew. This organic product can be used to target pests on a wide range of crops grown organically or conventionally in fields, greenhouses, or interiorscapes. M-Pede works in all life stages of Mites, Aphids and whiteflies – with other listed insect pests, the effects are limited to early growth stages and eggs. Works as a curative control for Powdery Mildew.

1 gallon of M-Pede weights 8.50 lb at 68°F and contains 4.16 lb active ingredient per gallon (498 g ai/L)
Contact mode of action makes this a great choice as a resistance management tool
Exempt from tolerances
12-hour Restricted Entry Interval (REI) and 0-day Pre-harvest Interval (PHI)
Worker Safety Friendly
Can be used on vegetables, grapes and other small fruits, tree fruits, tree nuts, cotton, tobacco, shrubs, shade and ornamental trees, turf, foliage and flowering plants and more.
This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:

Use as a foliar spray to control or suppress soft bodied pests which include: Adelgids, Aphids (Aphididae), Caterpillars (Lepidoptera), Chinch Bugs (Blissidae), Earwigs, Gypsy Moths (Dermaptera), Lace bugs (Tingidae), Leafhoppers, Leafminers, Mealybugs, Mole Crickets (Neoscapteriscus sp.), Plant Bugs, Psyllids (Hemiptera: Psylloidea), Sawfly Larvae (Hymenoptera), Scale, Spider Mites (Tetranychidae), Stink Bugs, Tent Caterpillars, Thrips (Thysanoptera), and Whiteflies (Aleyrodoidea).M-Pede is most effective on Mites, Aphids and Whiteflies. Effects on other pests are limited to early growth stages and eggs. This product also provides curative control of powdery mildew.