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Live Tiny Wigglers - 1 lb -8/2 oz bags

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Live Tiny Wigglers are live fly larvae that provide a great nutritional alternative to mealworms. They contain a low amount of chitin and are high in protein and fats. This makes them easily digestible and the perfect food for young birds. They are also suitable as a diet supplement for insectivorous birds, reptiles, amphibians, fish, mammals and omnivores requiring high protein.

Because they are live, our Tiny Wigglers are ready to consume upon arrival. If you wish to delay pupation or store for up to 2 weeks, please follow these instructions:

- To delay pupation- rinse the larvae with lukewarm water and strain with a fine sieve. Place the Live Tiny Wigglers in fresh cornmeal and replace in the original container.
- To store under refrigeration- larvae will remain viable for up to two weeks. DO NOT Freeze. When ready to use, warm the wigglers to room temperature. Place in a feeding receptacle that is at least 1" deep.

PLEASE NOTE: 1 oz. of Live Tiny Wigglers will provide approximately 1/4 cup in volume and contains approximately 1,500 larvae.