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LIFE Cloning Gel - 8 oz - RXLFGEL8OZ

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Make Rooting & Propagating Your Cuttings Easy With LIFE Cloning Gel!

The special blend of rooting hormones and naturally occurring ingredients in LIFE Cloning Gel creates healthy plants from the roots up. The hormone in this gel, Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA), is found in plant tissue itself; no synthetic hormones are used. LIFE Cloning Gel also gives your plants a shot of Vitamin B1 to boost their resistance to stress and shock factors. Your plant will produce generous and strong roots, building the foundation for healthier and more robust plants. Water based and non-toxic to plants, LIFE Cloning Gel can be used in any substrate and will work with rooting cubes or aeroponic machines.

Best Features:

- Works in any growing substrate.
- IBA drives early root development.
- Plant-derived growth hormones.
- Includes Vitamin B1 to ease shock and stress on plants.
- Extended shelf life – 2 years.

Suggested Uses: Use as a rooting compound for plant cuttings.

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