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LALRISE VITA - 2 lbs - 1755-10

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This wettable powder contains a unique plant growth promoting rhizobacteria (PGPR) Bacillus velezensis, developed by Lallemand research. This PGPR begins its work in the root zone by quickly multiplying and colonizing the area. It will then produce enzymes that solubilize phosphorous from organic and inorganic complexes in the soil. Once this valuable phosphorus has been made available to the plant, it not only spurs growth it will:

Increase crop uniformity
Encourage trees to grow to new height
Contribute to root mass growth
Provide increased plant vigor to withstand environmental stressors
Build boisterous blooms
Lead to higher yields
Create nutrient reserves in the plant
LALRISE VITA has powerful solubilizing abilities – it can increase the available phosphorous in the rhizosphere by up to 28%. It can also improve root mass growth up to 20%, which will greatly enhance nutrient availability.

LALRISE VITA CAN BE USED ON THE FOLLOWING: Berries and small fruits, cereals, citrus fruits, cole crops, cucurbit vegetables, fruiting vegetables, hemp, herbs, hops, leafy vegetables, legumes, mints, mushrooms, oilseeds, pome fruit, roots and tubers, spices, stone fruit, tobacco, tree nuts, tuber, root and bulb crops and more. For a complete list, please refer to the manufacturer's label under the DOCS tab.