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JT Eaton LITTLE PETE Multiple Catch Mouse Trap - 428CL

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The Repeater Multiple Catch Mouse Trap is a re-usable galvanized metal mouse trap that is an effective way to catch and release mice in a friendly fashion. The design of this live-catch mouse trap allows for mice to enter the trap, while simultaneously latching their escape route shut! This see-through trap can hold up to about 30 mice at one time!

Usage Recommendation: Place the hinged side of the specifically designed trap along floor boards. This friendly trap does not require bait. For better results, place a fragrant snack like peanut butter on a cracker into the trap and lure in hungry mice. Check the trap regularly, as immediate release of the mice back into their natural outdoor habitat is best! Clean trap using mild detergent and dry thoroughly in open air to deter any smells from previous mouse droppings. Replace snack in trap, reset, and reuse! An excellent choice for barns, out buildings and garages.

Trap Dimensions:

Little Pete - 3.75" W x 10.5" L x 2" H
Repeater - 6.5" W x 10.5" L x 2" H
Note: Be sure to follow local and state laws regarding trapping. In some some states, neighbor notification is required and relocation of animals is prohibited. Additionally, removal of an animal causing damage may only provide temporary relief as new animals from the surrounding area often fill the vacancy unless other preventive action is taken, such as controlling the animals' access to your home, yard or garden. Locate a humane wildlife technician through the Humane Wildlife Control Association.