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Honey Bee Magnet Lures - 2 pk

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The Honey Bee Magnet attracts both honey bees and mason bees with non-toxic natural attractants – fruit volatiles that researchers identified as pheromone lures for bees. When placed where blooms are starting, the Honey Bee Magnet will increase the number of pollinators that come to your area. If you want increased pollination – which means increased fruit, berry and vegetable production – just hang one lure per large fruit tree or one lure per 200 sq ft in your garden or field at the start of bloom. The Honey Bee Magnet will last for 2 weeks.

This simple lure has several advantages over a liquid spray:

• No mess or cleanup
• No need to reapply if bloom lasts 2 weeks or less
• No need to reapply if it rains after 1-3 days

The Honey Bee Magnet comes in a single pack that contains 2 lures or packs of ten.