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Harris Bed Bug Detection Traps - 4 pk - BBTRP

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With these traps you can rest easy knowing that bed bugs will not sneak up on you. Infused with an irresistible lure, Harris Bed Bug Detection Traps will draw in the insects and hold them tight with a super-sticky glue. These traps are an excellent choice to use when you will be away from the area where bed bugs are a concern. They are also ideal to use after you have taken the necessary steps to clean up an infestation and would like to determine if your efforts have been effective. Simply place the traps near bedpost and other places that bed bugs may congregate or hide.

Pesticide free and non-toxic
Easy to use and cost-effective
Discrete and versatile- sized to slide easily under furniture and bedding
For residential or commercial use
Instructions in English and Spanish that include illustrations
Harris Bed Bug Detection Traps are not meant to be the only product used for an infestation. They are an important part, but they should be used in conjunction with other products like Harris Bed Bug Killer, and as part of a larger effort which includes laundering bedding with a product such as Hygea Bed Bug & Lice Laundry Treatment. Create a full Ant Control Plan with solutions for home and yard.

Suggested Uses: Use for detecting the presence of bed bugs in homes and businesses.