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GROW B - Conc - Gallon - RXTGROWBGAL

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The high quality ingredients in this two-part nutrient combo (GROW A 3-0-2, GROW B 1-2-4) provide the foundation for strong, healthy vegetative growth and overall exceptional plant performance. With a full range of nutrients at balanced ratios, you will see an improvement in both quality (terpenes, cannabinoid profiles and potency) and yield with these easy-to-use liquids.

Key Benefits:

- Phosphorus Availability – Phosphorus is essential for plant growth, energy production and storage; these nutrients formulas are able to keep that available for your plants to easily uptake.
- Metabolic Enhancer – Containing naturally-occurring compounds that support the shikimic pathway (where the plant converts carbohydrates to amino acids), Grow A & B adds an extra layer of protection for the process. Plants use amino acids to build molecules that protect them from environmental stresses and pest attacks. When the amino acid output is strong, the protector molecules are strong.
- Better Nitrogen Usage – The technology put into the organic acids in this formulation make them better able to uptake and use nitrogen. This increased availability allows the plant to more efficiently put the nitrogen to work in support of rapid and healthy growth.
- Amino Acid Chelates – The amino acid complex in these nutrients is held in an optimal form and neutrally charged so that it will be ready to be quickly absorbed when the plant requires it. These easy absorption offers direct support for cholorophyll production, enzymatic activity and carbohydrate metabolism.

Suggested Uses: Use the combination of GROW A & B to provide nutritional support for vegetative growth in plants.
Standard Application Rate: 4-8 ml/gal

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