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Gluten-8 OLP Liquid Corn Gluten Meal - Gallon

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Effective pre-emergent herbicide!
Gluten-8 OLP Liquid Corn Meal is an easy to apply pre-emergent weed control with 1.5% nitrogen to feed your soil. This pre-emergent is derived from corn gluten meal, water-soluble and provides effective, economical pre-emergent control of annual grasses and broad leaf weeds without the effort of applying the granular corn gluten.

Gluten-8 contains 1.5% nitrogen, a lower analysis than granular corn gluten. This lower analysis can help you manage nitrogen loads.
Made from EPA Section 25-b exempt ingredients.

Do NOT use on grass that was recently seeded. Apply any time after the first mowing.
This 1 gallon bottle covers up to 4,000 square feet.

This Product Controls These Pests or Diseases:
Use as a preventative control for Annual Grasses and Broadleaf weeds.