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Earthworms (Approx 1000)

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A Natural Way To Aerate Soil and Fertilize Your Garden!

Our Red Composting Worm Mix contains three of nature's best decomposers and soil aerators - Eisenia fetida, Eisenia hortensis, and Perionyx excavatus. These worms improve soil tilth and decompose organic matter to create nutrient-rich worm castings. These castings are an organic source of nitrogen, phosphorous, potash, magnesium and calcium making them useful as part of a potting mix, for feeding transplants or established plants, and as an ingredient in tea solutions.

As they cycle through the soil or vermiculture bin, they break their food down and excrete castings. Their physical movement through the growing medium breaks up soil and introduces beneficial bacteria and oxygen to stimulate fungal activity. This leads to more rapid breakdown of organic material into nutrients your plants can use. When used in garden beds, this movement aerates the soil and quickens the growth of mycorrhizae, which increases nutrient/water uptake and bolsters disease resistance.

Our worms are raised in pest moss and coconut coir bedding and fed specially prepared worm food. They are not fed any sort of bio-waste or bio-sludge.

Usage Rate:

Garden Beds/Soil – Use 2-3 worms/sq. ft. 1,000 worms covers approximately 400 sq. ft.
Vermiculture – Use roughly 1,000 worms per square foot (one tray).