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Bumblebee Hive - Natupol Excel Startup

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Boost pollination rates and improve yields in greenhouses and indoor growing with these hard-working bumble bees. By introducing these bees to your crops, you are not only helping the environment, you are helping your bottom line. These beneficial insects will improve fruit quality, increase productivity, save labor costs and provide pollination that is independent of weather conditions.

Advantages of Natupol Excel Bumblebee Hives:

Ideal for greenhouses and indoor agriculture.
Better resilience to lower temperatures, low light intensities and strong winds. Prefer 50-86°F.
Rapid workers - they are able to visit twice as many flowers per minute as honeybees.
Larger than many other bees allowing them to carry more pollen and make better contact with stamens and pistils.
Remain within released areas better than honeybees because they do not communicate in the same way. Should an individual bumblebee find an attractive food source elsewhere, it cannot inform its companions.
Bumblebees move from plant to plant and tree to tree more often than honeybees. This aids cross-pollination and is especially helpful in fruit crops when pollination depends on special "pollinator trees".
These hives contain Bombus impatiens, the common eastern bumblebee, and contain a single colony with a queen, workers and brood (pupae, eggs and larvae). Bombus impatiens has been carefully chosen because it is a native species and widely distributed in North America. These hives are not recommended for pollination of outdoor areas.
Natupol Excel: Comparable to the discontinued Natupol Class-A hives. One hive will cover 1,000-15,000 square feet.

Offers high pollination efficiency over a period of time, often through the course of a grow cycle.
This hive takes longer to reach its maximum efficiency level, but retains its optimum performance for 9 weeks or more.
An ideal choice for greenhouses or hydroponic operations that operate consistently; especially so if they are at the beginning of the planting cycle before full bloom.
Natupol Excel lasts for about 9 weeks, but can go longer.
Natupol Excel Startup: Comparable to the discontinued Natupol Class-B hives. One hive will cover 1,000-15,000 square feet.

A larger colony to serve crops that need heavy pollination in a short period of time.
Due to its large number of workers, this hive provides high pollination rates from day one and reaches maximum efficiency rapidly. However, this burst of effort will not be sustained and the hive will decline more rapidly than the Natupol Excel model.
Excellent choice for greenhouses that are near to or in full bloom and need thorough pollination immediately.
Natupol Excel Startup hives last for about 7-8 weeks, sometimes longer.