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Boogie Blue BASIC

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Before you build your soil, plant your organic crops or prepare to welcome pollinators, consider the local quality of water when cultivating your growing area. The Boogie Blue Basic filters will last for 10,000-15,000 gallons of spray volume while the Boogie Blue Plus filters will last for 40,000-50,000 gallons. Both filter and remove up to 99% of the chlorine and 87% of the chloramine compounds used in municipal water supplies.

Boogie Blue filters provide effective filtration of chemicals commonly used within municipalities. Most municipal water systems use chlorine and chloramine compounds to sanitize the water by killing a majority of biological life contained in it. This results in water that is high in chemical elements ready to be transferred to your soil and plants when feeding and watering. Even non-municipal water, such as wells, can have unpleasantly high levels of heavy metals and pesticide residue. These compounds inhibit healthy microbial growth in the soil and can harm desirable microorganisms (mycorrhizae, beneficial nematodes) and beneficial insects.

Boogie Blue filters attach quickly and use catalytic carbon and/or KDF membranes to reduce chlorine, chloramine, pesticide residue, mercury, heavy metals, fluoride and other chemical compounds in your water. You can use Boogie Blue filters for indoor, outdoor and container gardens, fish tanks, koi ponds, washing pets and livestock, filling swimming pools, RV water hookups, making compost teas, in hydroponic systems and anywhere else you need high quality water.