BONIDE Copper Fungicide Dust - 4 lbs - 772

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BONIDE Copper Fungicide Dust is made of 7% copper sulfate and is a modern take on the old Bordeaux (or Bordo) Mix of copper sulfate and lime. Approved for use in organic gardening and on edibles, this formulation is intended for small garden use only. If you prefer a spray-on product, mix BONIDE Copper Fungicide Dust with water or use BONIDE Liquid Copper Fungicide.

This product controls fungal diseases, but is especially effective on Peach Leaf Curl and blight diseases. It controls fungal diseases by damaging enzymes and proteins critical to fungal growth. Efficacy of control of diseases depends on thorough application to both tops and the underside of leaves. Use lower rates when plants are young and higher rates when plants are well developed, during heavy periods of rain (good for fungi) or when disease symptoms are severe.

Suggested Uses: Use to control diseases on tomatoes, fruits, nuts, flowering shrubs, ornamentals, vegetables and shade trees.