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Beneficial Nematodes (Hi) - Heterorhabditis indica - 5 million

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When keeping bees, our number one priority is their health. Using harsh and toxic chemicals is not only bad for our bees it is bad for the ecosystem. ARBICO Organics is proud to introduce our newest beneficial nematode, Heterorhabditis indica (Hi). H. indica is a heat tolerant, entomopathogenic nematode ready to attack the prepupal stage of the Small Hive Beetle (Aethina tumida) in the soil. By suspending the nematodes in water and applying to the soil below and around the hive, the nematodes quickly seek out the pupal stage and attack; typically entering the pest and killing it within 24-48 hours. H. indica are a virulent and aggressive species of nematodes and work best when the strength of the hive is maintained.

Pair H. indica applications with Freeman Beetle Traps to control both adult and pupal stages of the Small Hive Beetle. This species has also been shown to be effective against other soil dwelling pests including:

Fall armyworm (Spodoptera frugiperda)
Fungus gnat (Bradysia difformis)
Indianmeal moth (Plodia interpunctella)
Root weevil (Diaprepes abbreviates)
Western flower thrips (Frankliniella occidentalis)
White grubs (Holotrichia serrata, Leucopholis lepidophora, Hoplia philantus, Popillia japonica).
Application Rate:

For Control of Small Hive Beetle - Use 5 Million for every 10 Hives.

For All Other Pests:

5,000,000 per 218 square feet.
10,000,000 per 436 square feet.
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